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Philippines Insurances

Insurances in The Philippines

Being insured is not as common in The Philippines as it is in many other countries. Philippine Insurances is helping Filipino's to get into it and educate and spread good news about insurance in The Philippines.

Many Filipino's don't know about insurances. That's why when they get sick e.g. they use their own money to pay for it, or worse, have to mortgage their house or ask family members for help.

But there are tools to solve this and it is called insurance. As insurance makes sure there is money available at the right time and the right place in case of emergencies or accidents.

Phillipines Insurances helps Filipinos to build their own plans, retirement, healthcare, and also for their cars, houses, motorcycles and educational needs for their children.

There must be a scheme that suits you. To find out what scheme fits you just contact us. We will find ways to provide you with the right insurances.

Arrange your insurance from anywhere

The internet is becoming more and more common everywhere, also in The Philippines. And more and more business offer ways to arrange things online. So now you can also arrange your insurance online with Philippine Insurances.

What do you want to insure?

There are many things you can insure and he most common insurances in The Philippines are:

  • Car insurance.
  • House insurance, often called fire insurance.
  • Motorcycle insurance.
  • Personal accident insurance.
  • Health insurance.
  • Travel insurance.

But there are more and some of them you may never have thought of:

Insurance companies

Philippines Insurances is an independent provider of insurances and acts as independent agent towards many Philippine insurance companies.


Just browse this site to request proposals for insurances, but of coures you may also just contact us. You can find contact details on our contact page.

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